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About me

Using my hands and being creative in my daily life is what keeps me motivated and keeps me sane. I have my roots in India and was brought up by a mother who is incredibly creative, highly conscientious and always emphasized the importance of handmade vs machine-made, individual vs industrial. Needless to say, creating with my hands was imprinted in my consciousness from a very young age.


As a young adult, pottery took hold and I joined a local artist in their studio in Mumbai. 


Somewhere, life took over. A move to the UK led to a career in banking. But I never gave up on my dream to become a potter. A beautiful friend and potter inspired me to start again and introduced me to a brilliant pottery studio where I picked up where I left off.

Raj, my husband, helped me put a pottery studio in the garden and it felt like my dream was finally taking shape. And then, breast cancer struck. As surgery and chemo kicked off, it did not leave me with a lot of energy.

Funny how a lot of time on your hand and funny how low energy and other negatives from an illness will power you to keep going and keep craving some normalcy in your own little ways. It led me to revisit my textile design degree, revisit my love for Indian fabrics and printing and back to my love of block print.  I initially started sewing my clothes with block print fabrics, collected over the years and started decorated my home with those. However, I found my old collection of wood blocks and started playing around with them.


The pottery studio is not just a pottery studio now, it’s turned into a pottery and printing studio.

This means the world to me, it’s not just work, and I hope it shows and I hope you can enjoy my products and treasure them as I do. 

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